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Welcome to United for Wildlife’s first ever open access online conservation platform! This is where you will find a variety of FREE online courses available to everyone, whether you have no prior knowledge in conservation or if you are a conservation expert. Our courses are categorised into different levels – start off with “Introducing conservation” for anyone interested in wildlife and the environment. From there, explore our Insights courses to expand your knowledge. Get involved in our thriving online community where you can share your experiences with learners from all over the world.

Take these courses at your own pace. Join the online community. Complete the courses and get the certificates. Learn all about wildlife conservation now!

Introducing conservation

Learn about the key issues in conservation, gain an awareness of the problems and challenges in the world we live in and discover what you can do to help.


Now that you have taken "Introducing conservation", dive a little deeper into topics such as species prioritisation, marine conservation, the illegal wildlife trade and more.